AUTHOR PROFILE Erika Reinhardt
Curious Planeteer working to make the Earth's changes visible, accessible and actionable.

Introducing Landsat 8 Data in the Scenes API


Following up on Landsat 8 data being made available on AWS, Landsat scenes are now also available through our Scenes API for even easier access.

We’ve received an enthusiastic response on our current Scenes API for its ease of use and speed. Likewise, we’ve designed the Landsat Scenes API to have the same simple, fast, powerful, and flexible API.

The Landsat Scenes API enables querying for Landsat scenes by path, row, geography, date of acquisition, and other metadata properties, including cloud cover and sun position, and is analogous to the Scenes API with Planet data. Our aim is to make it easier for existing Landsat users to find the data they need, and to make Landsat data more accessible for new users. Single-band GeoTIFFs are available, as well as thumbnails, for each scene.

Get started by reading the docs, and hitting the new endpoint. For support questions or feedback, contact us at