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AUTHOR PROFILE Jenna Mukuno Senior Director of Product and Industry Marketing
Jenna oversees the teams responsible for helping our customers understand how Planet can help solve their challenges with daily Earth data and insights.

More Freedom to Explore with New Planet Basemaps


In keeping with our mission to help you see change and make better decisions, today we are excited to unveil the new Planet Basemaps!

Since we introduced Planet Basemaps, customers have valued the ability to update maps and visualize broad areas with high resolution imagery. As the world moves faster, with landscapes and cities rapidly evolving, new use cases for basemaps outside of mapping are emerging.

It turns out, having broad coverage on a frequent, reliable basis is more important for cutting-edge analytics, whether it’s measuring crop health or quantifying growth of new buildings over time.

With this update, we’re bringing together all the elements that make Basemaps valuable for analytics, and giving you the power to choose what’s best for your application, how often you need it, and delivered into the environment you prefer.

With the new Planet Basemaps, you can:

  • Build the way you want
    • The new Select Basemaps allow you to choose your area, your source imagery, how often you need updates, and how they are delivered to your workflow.
  • Get seamless, global coverage
    • The new Global Basemap offers comprehensive, visually consistent, and cloud-free coverage across Earth’s landmass, updated annually.
  • Easily integrate Basemaps into your workflow
    • A new Esri add-in makes it incredibly easy to pull Planet Basemaps into ArcGIS Pro.
  • Find an affordable solution
    • We’re lowering the barriers to entry, with more flexible pricing that lowers cost of ownership.