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Planet satellites image the Earth’s surface on a daily basis. Planet Basemaps are spatially-accurate mosaics of the clearest, most up-to-date high-resolution imagery, making them ideal for use as background reference layers in GIS, SDIs, consumer, and general mapping.

Current & Cloud Free

Global Planet Basemap produced automatically with imagery collected over a quarter

Seamless and color balanced, Planet Basemaps minimize the effects of seasonality, cloud, haze, and image misalignments to create the most effective mosaics possible. Planet Basemaps are customizable according to your needs:

  • Narrow-in by your areas or locations of interest
  • Select your desired time range, whether quarters or months
  • Access rapid time-series mosaics

Analysis Friendly

Planet Basemap produced automatically with imagery collected over a month

Planet Basemaps are spatially-accurate, visually-precise mosaics, making them an ideal tool for cartographic feature extraction, project planning, tip and cue, and change detection.

  • See the world as it is with true color and high-resolution images
  • Power analysis with spatially accurate imagery
  • Avoid costly, additional software purchases: use Planet’s GIS-ready, "open and go" format

Instantly Available

Enhanced Basemap of Iran and Afghanistan

Whether you need storage, dissemination, or analysis, data management is simple with the Planet Platform, the most advanced, multi-source online imagery platform in the world.

  • Immediately visualize mosaic data in your web and mobile applications through tile servers
  • Gain instant access to imagery via Planet Explorer
  • Easily integrate Planet Basemaps in your own workflow and applications


Planet offers several options for you to choose from when it comes to Basemaps that range from high-quality visual seamless mosaics to automatic mosaics produced at frequent intervals.