Chin Lakes, Alberta Jun 06, 2015

Universal Access to Satellite Monitoring Paves the Way to Protect the World’s Tropical Forests

In September 2020, Norway’s Ministry of Climate and Environment awarded an international contract to Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT), who, in partnership with Planet and Airbus, have since been providing universal access to high-resolution satellite monitoring of the tropics to support…...

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Self-guided learning opportunities for Women’s History Month, March 2021

We’ve identified a number of self-guided learning opportunities that we’ll be engaging in throughout the month in celebration of Women’s History Month. Join us:  Tuesday, March 2, 9, 15, 2021  Rebel Women: Female Pirates - the Royal Museum Greenwich will…



Leveraging Planet Satellite Imagery to Improve Irrigation Intelligence

Water plays a critical role in sustainable agriculture production and food security worldwide. However, with the world population expected to grow to over 10 billion people by 2050, coupled with climate change, competition for water resources is rapidly increasing, having…



Planet's Latest Batch of SuperDoves Deliver First Light

On January 24, 2021, SpaceX successfully delivered 48 Planet SuperDoves to orbit on their Transporter-1 flight. This record-breaking launch deployed 143 satellites into orbit — the most ever on a single mission. Once in orbit, our SuperDoves set out to…


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Planet Leads RapidAI4EO Consortium to Advance Rapid and Continuous Land Monitoring

A Planet-led consortium, RapidAI4EO, has been awarded a competitive grant to advance state-of-the-art, continuous land monitoring applications throughout Europe. This award was given under the Horizon 2020 program, which is the largest public research and development (R&D) investment in Europe and supports breakthrough innovations that could ultimately turn into operational solutions for […]



48 SuperDoves Join Planet’s Constellation to Deliver Global Daily Data

48 SuperDoves, our Flock 4s, were successfully delivered to orbit today on SpaceX’s Transporter-1 mission. This record-setting launch carried 143 satellites to orbit – the most spacecraft ever deployed on a single mission. Our missions operations team has made contact with the first set of 40 satellites (continuing our 100% success rate […]



New Year, New Launches: 48 SuperDoves to Launch with SpaceX

Planet is rocketing into the new year with 48 SuperDoves, our Flock 4s, scheduled to fly on SpaceX’s Transporter-1 mission. This rideshare mission launching out of Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida will deliver Flock 4s to a sun-synchronous orbit at approximately 500 km altitude. These 48 SuperDoves bring improvements to […]



Planet Releases ArcGIS Add-In & QGIS Plugin V2.0

At Planet, we’re committed to reducing the friction of using satellite imagery so our users can gain the greatest value from our data. We do this by partnering with leading GIS-providers and delivering the necessary tools and software needed to derive insights from our data. We’re excited to announce the release of […]



NASA Extends Agreement with Planet Under Its Commercial SmallSat Data Acquisition Program

All NASA-funded researchers now have continued access to PlanetScope and RapidEye imagery through September 2021 following an extension of our current agreement under NASA’s Commercial SmallSat Data Acquisition (CSDA) Program. Through the NASA CSDA Program, scientists have used Planet imagery for a variety of research projects to date and we’re eager to […]


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