Chin Lakes, Alberta Jun 06, 2015

NASA Enters Into Blanket Purchase Agreement with Planet

As a former scientist at NASA, it gives me great pleasure to share that Planet has been awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) with NASA's Earth Science Division. This represents the first time NASA has engaged with commercial small-satellite constellation…...

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The Top Global Trends Driving the Fourth Agricultural Revolution

Co-written with Deepthi Shankar Technological innovations are beginning to transform every link in the food chain, from seed to fork. In developed countries, digital technologies and analytics are making farm operations more insight-driven and efficient. Here are the five global…



Planet Awarded New Contract with National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency

Today, Planet is pleased to announce that we have been awarded a new $5.9 million contract with the US government’s National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency for a six-month base period, with an option to extend an additional six months. Planet has been…



Top Takeaways from the Satellite Interoperability Workshop

About a month ago, more than 100 leaders from the geospatial industry, government, and NGOs gathered at the USGS Menlo Park campus to discuss one of the biggest questions facing the Earth observation field: is the data from different satellites…


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A Toast on the 10th Anniversary of the RapidEye Constellation in Orbit

Early in the morning on August 28, 2008, in the middle of the desert in Kazakhstan, five RapidEye small satellites launched into orbit aboard a Dnepr rocket. Today, we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of that momentous launch – a feat that opened a new era of Earth observation. While today people […]



Spoiler Alert! Satellite Data Offers Commodities Traders Early View of Crop Acreage & Yield

No one likes a spoiler alert – unless it makes or saves them money. When it comes to agriculture, a well-timed spoiler alert about how crops are performing is welcomed by farmers and commodity traders alike. For farmers, the ability to make detailed predictions on crop growth and yields is critical for their […]



New Project from World Bank & Planet Uses Satellite Imagery & Machine Learning to Drive Sustainable Urbanization in Tanzania

With more than two-thirds of the world’s population projected to live in cities by 2050, sustainable development increasingly depends on the successful management of urban growth. To that end, Planet is announcing today a groundbreaking R&D project with the World Bank to pioneer new tools to detect urban change in emerging countries, beginning […]



Planet Becomes First Private-Sector Data Provider to Directly Support the International Charter on Space and Major Disasters

From Hurricane Maria to massive floods in India, the increasing occurrence and intensity of natural disasters around the globe has created a need for greater coordination between the private and public sectors to improve disaster preparedness and emergency management. Planet supports these efforts, and is happy to share that we have become […]



Planet Releases OpenLST, an Open Radio Solution

To encourage innovation in radio communication, Planet is releasing OpenLST, an open radio solution for communicating with remote instruments, vehicles, and stations using low-cost commercial components. OpenLST builds on experience gained from Planet’s UHF radio, which has been successfully integrated and used on over 200 satellites in space. Using this radio, Planet […]


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