Chin Lakes, Alberta Jun 06, 2015

Planet and Leaf Partner to Provide Agricultural Insights For Developers

Our data is now available through Leaf, an agricultural data infrastructure company, enabling developers to build informed agricultural products. Leaf’s unified data API helps streamline farm data integrations into a standardized format. From this API, software developers build useful products…...

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PlanetScope Data Leveraged to Map and Monitor the Forests of the Czech Republic

The Forest Management Institute (FMI) is the government organization, established by the Czech Republic’s Ministry of Agriculture, responsible for implementing the National Forest Inventory. In 2018, FMI began working with Planet datasets to undertake a comprehensive geospatial analysis and report…



Our Next-Generation Satellite Constellation Pelican Is Expected to Deliver Very-High-Resolution and Rapid-Revisit Capabilities

It’s another exciting day at Planet as we unveil details about our next-generation satellite constellation Pelican, designed to efficiently capture brief and rapidly changing events as they unfold!  The Pelican constellation was designed in-house and is expected to be built…



Introducing Planetary Variables: Soil Water Content, Land Surface Temperature, and Vegetation Biomass

Near the end of last year, Planet acquired VanderSat, the company Richard de Jeu founded in 2015, and which I have been a part of from the very beginning. The company started with the aim of simplifying highly advanced satellite…


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PlanetScope and SkySat Join ESA Third Party Mission Programme for Access to Planet Imagery for Research Community

We are pleased to announce that Planet’s PlanetScope and SkySat data have officially joined the European Space Agency (ESA) Third Party Mission Programme, enabling ESA the ability to grant Planet data for the European research community. Through the ESA Earthnet Programme, researchers, scientists and companies from around the world can apply to […]



Planet’s Data Fuels Canadian Boreal Forest Research As Planet E&R Program Hits Five Year Anniversary

The boreal forest is one of the largest intact ecosystems left on the planet; however, there are a growing number of human-induced environmental changes that are impacting this vast ecosystem. Numerous integrated research programs focused on boreal forests of Canada have joined forces to use advanced satellite data available from Planet to […]



Planet Partners with SynMax to Provide Energy Intelligence and Monitor Dark Vessels

In collaboration with SynMax, Houston-based satellite analytics and intelligence company, Planet data is now being used to provide data-informed insights on the energy industry within the United States and monitor the movements of dark vessels around the globe. After meeting our CEO and co-founder Will Marshall at his 2014 TED talk, Bill […]



The Observatory of Extractive Industries (OIE) Shines a Light on the Mining Industry Using Planet’s Satellite Data

Observatorio de Industrias Extractivas, or the Observatory of Extractive Industries (OIE) is a research platform dedicated to providing data on mining companies and other extractive industries in Guatemala. Through an interactive map-based platform, the organization provides critical datasets and official information to help generate reports on the actions of these industries. To […]



A Call for the United States Government to Lead International Efforts to Prohibit the Use of Debris-Creating Anti-Satellite Weapons (ASATs)

An open letter by Planet co-founders, Will Marshall and Robbie Schingler For the last ten years, Planet has raised concerns about the impact destructive anti-satellite weapons (ASATs) have on a healthy space ecosystem. ASATs threaten operations in Low Earth Orbit (LEO), jeopardize astronauts’ safety, and risk destroying satellites that provide critical services […]


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