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Planet Insights Platform Delivers Powerful Tooling for Unlocking Earth Observation Data


Today, governments and businesses are facing immense challenges to reduce risk, lower costs, remain compliant, and optimize performance in a time of rapid global change. It is our belief that organizations require the ability to dynamically monitor, measure, and report on assets across space and time – look broader, backward, closer and deeper, to make sense and take action. That’s why we’re so excited to announce the Planet Insights Platform, the next milestone in our journey to provide multidimensional Earth insights. 

The Planet Insights Platform is the all-in-one place for unifying our product portfolio and the power of Sentinel Hub, which we acquired last year. Combining our analysis-ready Earth data products with cloud-based analytics and tools will allow users to efficiently analyze, stream, and distribute data at scale, so they can make decisions reliably and with confidence. With the Planet Insights Platform, we’re enabling broad area management solutions that allow governments and businesses around the world to unlock Earth observation data, get answers, and remove friction. 

“Empowering our customers and partners to easily unlock the immense value within Planet data is our primary focus,” said Troy Toman, Senior Vice President of Product and Software Engineering at Planet. “Planet Insights Platform is an important milestone on that journey. We’ve unified our core offerings into a powerful set of APIs and tools that provide access to multiple data sets and powerful analytics. This breaks down the conventional barriers to leveraging the power of Earth observation data while laying the foundation for future cutting-edge capabilities that make it easier for our partners to build solutions and our customers to get the answers they need.”

Today, the platform brings together new capabilities that dramatically improve customers’ capacity to analyze and orchestrate large volumes of Earth data, reduce upfront development and maintenance costs, and focus on differentiation. These updates include: 

  • A unified account experience across Planet & Sentinel Hub: By linking the two platforms, users will now be able to access cloud hosting and imagery analysis tools from Sentinel Hub through a single login.
  • Enhanced Analysis-Ready PlanetScope data: Analysis-Ready PlanetScope uses proprietary AI to create harmonized, cloud-masked, and spatially consistent daily stacks of images, which enable time-series analysis and machine learning applications. 
  • Updated global Road & Building Change Detection: Our Road & Building Change Detection AI-based models point to where development is taking place across country-wide areas, on a weekly basis. This can help users clearly understand how and where the places they care most about are evolving. 
  • New and improved Planetary Variables: Field Boundaries trace the boundaries of agricultural parcels, giving insights into different crop types and growth throughout the season. Additionally, Crop Biomass Planetary Variable now integrates Planet’s daily, global PlanetScope data, offering a ​​cloud-free, analysis-ready data product for monitoring agricultural fields. 
  • Time series and statistical analysis: Within the Planet Insights Platform, users can efficiently translate imagery into formats best suited for advanced data science and machine learning models.

With Planet Insights Platform, users can build insights and solutions, make decisions, and act faster. Valentin Louis of the UK Rural Payments Agency shared, “We needed fast and quick access to satellite data that helped reduce the time spent on downloading and pre-processing. That’s where Planet Insights Platform comes in. It helped us quickly distribute data and insights across our agency by integrating seamlessly in our current software ecosystem.” To hear even more from Valentin, watch our latest video with the Earth observation Specialist. 

We’re so excited to provide our users with robust, multidimensional Earth data that are more accessible and actionable at the moment of inquiry with Planet Insights Platform. To learn more, register now to join us for a virtual event on April 11, 2024 at 8am PST.