Forest and Fields, July 18, 2016

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Semi-arid Rangeland Phenology Revealed with the Planet Dove Constellation


Temporal resolution is one of four axes by which one may judge the value of a remote sensing data source. Unlike spatial, spectral and radiometric resolution, temporal resolution can be used to decompose the day-to-day dynamics of ecosystems, revealing their phenology—the natural processes by which ecosystems (particularly vegetation) change over time. A […]

Sowing Date Detection with the Planet Dove Constellation


The date of sowing (or planting) of an agricultural field has an enormous influence over crop health and yield. With climate change, in many cases alteration of sowing dates may be critical for adapting to changing temperature and precipitation. Sowing too early can increase the risk of frost damage, while sowing too […]

High Spatiotemporal Retrievals of Crop-Water Use for Precision Agriculture


Global agriculture implicates roughly ¾ of all freshwater use on Earth. With demand on the global food supply increasing with population growth, and agricultural systems falling under greater stress due to climate change, water security is under increased risk. Remote sensing of evapotranspiration—the amount of water evaporated off, or transpired by vegetation—offers […]

On-orbit Wine Tasting? Monitoring Vineyards with Planet Satellites


Lianas—woody vines, including grapes—are structural parasites. Climbing on their hosts to get to the sunlight means lianas can spend less energy supporting themselves, devoting more to producing leaves and fruit. The risk is that their wood is less robust to stress, like freezing cold temperatures. As the water in the plant’s veins […]

Daily, High-resolution Leaf Area Index from Sensor Fusion with Planet, Landsat and MODIS


Classic remote sensing for agricultural relies heavily on indices like NDVI (Normalized Differential Vegetation Index), which uses information from the red and near-infrared portions of the spectrum to provide an indicator of vegetation greenness and vitality. However, other indices, often implicating other parts of the spectrum, may provided added and actionable information […]

Sensor Fusion of Planet, Landsat and MODIS Data for Unprecedented Land Surface Monitoring


In the midst of a revolution Earth Observation, due to increasingly diverse and temporally dense data feeds enabled by cubesats and other sensors, there is a need to be interoperable across sensors. In the journal Remote Sensing of Environment, Rasmus Houborg and Matt McCabe present the Cubesat-enabled Spatio-Temporal Enhancement Method (CESTEM), which […]

Insights into Vegetation Dynamics and Terrestrial Evaporation


Planet’s constellation of satellites, with daily revisit rates and sub 5 m resolution, provides the ability to overcome the usual spatiotemporal restrictions associated with traditional remote sensing. Matt McCabe and team explore the suitability of Planet imagery for an array of retrieval opportunities pertinent to hydrology, including leaf area index (LAI) and […]

Mapping Winter Cropped Area of Smallholder Farms


Fine-scale agricultural statistics are important tools for understanding trends in food production, especially in smallholder systems where heterogeneity in production is common. Satellite data is a key component to collecting these statistics for smallholder systems, though not without challenges such as complex sub-pixel heterogeneity, little to no available calibration data, and high […]

Crop Yield Variations in Smallholder African Systems


Improving the productivity of smallholder farms is thought to be a key component of the effort to reduce global poverty and increase food security, yet the productivity of smallholder farms remains poorly measured around the world. Using SkySat imagery validated against two years of field data, new research shows that satellite imagery […]

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