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Planet Labs Partners with Geo-Satellite Leader, SNET


When the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami struck Eastern Japan in 2011, Satellite Network (SNET)’s communications network was used as an emergency means of communication by government offices and public service operators. We’re proud to have signed a multi-year deal with SNET, who will use our imagery data to enhance their geospatial capabilities and customer offerings.

Planet Labs image of Akashi, Japan, captured on April 17, 2015

“We’re proud to be a partner for Planet Labs, and look forward to creating meaningful value-added products using their high-density constellation of satellites. Their disruptive business model and high-cadence data set have the potential to spark a sea change in the geospatial industry. Planet’s data will help us develop various monitoring applications that help our customers track crops, illegal logging, wide-scale disasters, brush fires, and security,” said Mr. Bunji Shinoda, President & CEO of Satellite Network, Inc.

This key early partnership will help us crystalize our value-add strategies; and feedback from SNET’s customer base will be invaluable as we further develop our imagery pipeline and grow the Japanese market for Planet data.

To learn more about our geospatial offerings, visit our Solutions page.

More about SNET:
Satellite Network Inc., a subsidiary of Asia’s largest geo-satellite operator, Sky Perfect JSAT Corporation, has over 25 years of experience in satellite network construction and application development ranging from image processing to LTE backhaul installations. Satellite Network, Inc. serves the establishment of a safe and secure society through satellite-based communications and observations.