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The world is always changing.

We just couldn't see it...until now.


Our products include a number of datasets accessible through the Planet Platform. Browse or download recent and archival imagery instantly.


See Everywhere. Frequently.

Planet Monitoring has been designed to provide immediate access to high-frequency imaging of our entire planet. Whether your requirements are related to defense and intelligence, agriculture, environment, resource monitoring, market intelligence or emergency management, this consistent stream of imagery gives you the power to be truly proactive and effective.

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Seamless, Sharp, Accurate.

Planet Basemaps come in a range of options to meet your organization’s needs. Automatically generated basemaps can be produced to meet a specific time range with up to monthly coverage, or can be optimized to meet a specific, seasonal color target. For premium visual quality, we also produce manually enhanced basemaps, providing the most consistent visual experience across the entire dataset. Planet’s high collection capacity and automated techniques allows us to provide the most current basemaps you can find anywhere in the world.

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View, Select, Compose.

Planet Imagery allows users to compose a full coverage over an area of interest with the best available satellite data. Take advantage of Planet’s huge imaging capacity and archive to select the right imagery products for your requirements.

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Browse, Search, Find.

Use Planet Explorer to view our global archive of over 10 billion square kilometers of high-resolution satellite imagery dating back to 2009. The whole Planet archive is online You can also view all the images collected by PlanetScope and RapidEye satellites over a defined area of interest. Landsat 8 and Copernicus Sentinel data are also discoverable through Planet Explorer and the Planet Data API.

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Open California

Our California data archive is waiting to be explored. With your creativity the possibilities are endless.

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Planet Platform

Get faster insights by spending less time accessing and processing imagery and more time taking action.

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