Kashagan Oil Field, July 14, 2016

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Planet’s Latest Batch of SuperDoves Deliver First Light


On January 24, 2021, SpaceX successfully delivered 48 Planet SuperDoves to orbit on their Transporter-1 flight. This record-breaking launch deployed 143 satellites into orbit — the most ever on a single mission. Once in orbit, our SuperDoves set out to break some records of their own. Just 58 hours from launch, Planet’s […]

Flock 4v’s Captivating First Light Imagery


Last week, 26 SuperDoves (Flock 4v) were launched on Arianespace’s VV16 SSMS-POC flight, joining Planet’s existing fleet of Doves and SuperDoves. Today, we’re thrilled to share the first light images from the new flock, and are happy to report that the satellites are all healthy and on their way to full commercial […]

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