Kashagan Oil Field, July 14, 2016

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PlanetScape Ai and Planet’s Professional Services Team Scale the Fight for Human Rights


PlanetScape Ai works with governments and international organizations to support human rights worldwide. Born of founder and chief scientist Andrew Marx Ph.D.’s years of research into genocide, geographic information systems, and remote sensing, PlanetScape Ai specializes in the development and implementation of customized analytic services, leveraging artificial intelligence and high-cadence data streams […]

Day 2 of Planet Explore Showcases Customers and Big Ideas


The excitement continued throughout the second day of our annual user conference, Planet Explore 2020. There was no shortage of great content from Planet and our community of users, partners, and influencers. Here are a few highlights.  Planet co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, Robbie Schingler, took the stage to discuss three major […]

Celebrating the International Day of Human Spaceflight


Today we celebrate the United Nations’ International Day of Human Space Flight, a day that commemorates cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin’s historic orbital flight in 1961. While the origin of this date is tied to the first human space flight (and is usually celebrated around the world with some rockin’, space-themed Yuri’s Night parties), […]

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