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Trial Offer: Try Planet’s Automated Basemaps


For a limited time, Planet’s offering up a trial of our Timelapse Basemaps web service.

Planet’s Automated Timelapse Basemaps represent a specific window in time, either quarterly or monthly. All imagery included in these mosaicked basemaps is taken from that selected time frame, processed in the cloud, and served up on the web for immediate use. Planet’s Timelapse Basemaps are the most comprehensive and current basemap option that you can find, giving you the most authoritative information of what is on the ground.


Planet’s Automated Basemaps show month-to-month change across Mexico over the course of one year.
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You can get unlimited access to these global mosaics through August 4, so sign up early, and map often! Planet Timelapse Basemaps are immediately ready as WMTS plug-and-play web services usable in your favorite mapping application including ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, and ArcGIS Desktop.

Try it out for yourself. Sign up for your Automated Basemaps trial here.