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Benjamin Trigona-Harany

Curious Planeteer working to make the Earth's changes visible, accessible and actionable.

Introducing Planet Launch Programs


Today, we’re excited to announce Planet Launch Programs, a new offering that will help our customers get more value out of Planet’s data and drive more return on their investment. Planet’s three complementary constellations generate a dataset of unprecedented scale that helps our customers gain insights and ultimately make better decisions. We […]

Planet to Offer Open Ocean Monitoring


Since its founding back in 2010, Planet’s worked to build a constellation capable of imaging the Earth’s entire landmass every day, something we are on track to accomplish following our launch of 88 satellites in February. But Planet’s “line-scanner” constellation can image more than just land. Approximately 70% of the Earth’s surface […]

Python Client Now Supports Planet Data API


Good news for developers: new versions of our Python and JavaScript clients are now available for use! Both have been upgraded to support Planet’s Data API—the API on which we built Planet Explorer and through which we serve PlanetScope, RapidEye, Landsat8, and Sentinel-2 data. In providing these two projects, we want to […]