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Curious Planeteer working to make the Earth's changes visible, accessible and actionable.

Introducing Planet Launch Programs


Today, we’re excited to announce Planet Launch Programs, a new offering that will help our customers get more value out of Planet’s data and drive more return on their investment.

Planet’s three complementary constellations generate a dataset of unprecedented scale that helps our customers gain insights and ultimately make better decisions. We recognized, however, that leveraging this new dataset and our platform can be challenging, particularly for first-time customers.

Planet Launch Programs are designed to lower the barrier to entry and ensure our customers can integrate Planet products into their workflows so as to be successful over the long-term. Launch Programs also help our customers build the knowledge and skills of their teams to help them address future technical challenges before they escalate.

The first Launch Program offering we’re rolling out today is Quickstart, a robust 14-day package that helps customers get up and running fast, from early-stage planning through launch. Quickstarts are comprised of three core phases:

  • Foundations. Hands-on training and solution design sessions to build an integration and implementation plan.
  • Execution. Planet engineers work with you to execute the plan, advising on everything from imagery acquisition, analysis, and scaling out to production.
  • Launch. Planet helps take the solution live and stays engaged via technical exchanges, performance reviews, and other solutions engineering support.

We’re excited to unveil Launch Programs, and through helping our customers, learn from them how we can improve our products and services in the future. For more information about Launch Programs, check out the new website.