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Curious Planeteer working to make the Earth's changes visible, accessible and actionable.

Sun Setting on Open California


When we launched the Open California program almost 3 years ago, it was an open data initiative and the first time we showcased our data to the world with images from our first Doves. At that time, we didn’t have trials or programs that matched the needs of the majority of our […]

How Satellites Are Driving Transparency in the Oil Market


The oil market fluctuates constantly, and this usually has to do with technological, political, or economic issues. But often, the constant oscillation in price comes from a serious lack of transparency in the petroleum industry—a problem that many claim is in desperate need of a remedy. Some companies don’t always reveal the […]

Energy Basemaps: Weekly Snapshots Driving Better Decisions


The energy industry has seen an unprecedented amount of growth in the last six years – solar power capacity has increased 15x, wind energy has increased 1.8x to account for nearly 6.5% of total electricity consumption – and the oil and gas industry is no different. US Field Production levels are as […]

Explorer Labs: Experimentation in the Open


Planet is used to testing novel ways of deploying and managing an ever-growing fleet of satellites in space. Taking it further, we test in space—everything from full demo builds to small canary features. We can’t know what works for sure until it’s hurling well over 15,000 MPH dealing with sharp temperature changes […]