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How Planet Satellites Help Manage Fire Risk in a Parched Landscape


Introduction  Although wildland fires have always been present in the western United States, recent years have brought increasing numbers of fires. These fires are now burning hotter, over wider areas, and causing more damage to human infrastructure and natural landscapes than ever before. The causes are numerous  and multifaceted, including climate change, […]

A Hands-On Guide to Color Correction


Imaging the entire planet every day would be easy if Earth was an airless rock, but unfortunately, it’s not. (Actually, even mapping an airless rock is challenging, but bear with me.) Yes, the atmosphere allows us to breathe, and protects us from lethal levels of ultraviolet radiation, yadda yadda yadda, but it […]

PlanetScope2 Imagery Available in the Planet Platform


PlanetScope2 imagery comes from Planet’s new telescope, offering a much wider field of view and crisper images. The new telescope will be included in all of our future Dove satellites. Through the Planet Platform, you can now access PlanetScope2 imagery through the API and Web Applications, available in visual and analytic products. […]