Long Beach Port, June 25, 2016

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Clear for Analysis with Planet’s New Usable Data Masks


For the wealth of information optical satellite imagery contains, there will always remain a stubborn share of pixels that aren’t super helpful for analysis. Clouds (which cover around two-thirds of the Earth on any given day), shadows cast from clouds, haze, and snow can preclude us from accurately seeing what’s on the […]

Planet’s Framework for Analysis Ready Data


Anyone who works closely with geospatial data knows that there is a great deal of labor involved in preparing the data before analysis begins. In fact, much of modern geoprocessing systems are set up to make the data ready for analysis. The industry understands that geospatial data must become more user-friendly and […]

How Planet Built a Cloud Native Geospatial Architecture


Planet’s mission from the beginning was to disrupt space. But the rise of cloud computing in Silicon Valley six years ago gave us another opportunity on the data side: to build our whole ground segment in a cloud native manner. Everything Planet has built – from the ground stations and our data […]