PSLV rocket launches from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota, India © 2017, Planet Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved.
AUTHOR PROFILE Alvin Blackmore
Curious Planeteer working to make the Earth's changes visible, accessible and actionable.

An Insider’s Look at a Record-Breaking Launch


In February, we launched the 88 satellites of Flock 3p into space—the largest constellation of satellites to ever launch on a single rocket. On launch night, we invited our friends, family, and loved ones to watch a livestream of the record-breaking launch along with us. Take a look inside Planet’s San Francisco office during our launch viewing party.

Right now, our team of Planeteers is busy commissioning Flock 3p. Once the satellites are fully operational, we’ll reach a milestone we call “Mission One”: imaging the Earth every day.

We couldn’t have gotten where we are without the hard work and dedication of our team of Planeteers. Every CAD drawing, every qualification test, every launch shipment, every line of code and every early morning stand-up has lead up to Flock 3p, and the start of something big.

So what’s next—Mission 2, Mission 3? Join our growing team to find out!