Durban, July 7, 2016

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Nine SuperDoves Scheduled for Flight on Rocket Lab’s Electron


Planet’s next scheduled launch of Flock 4e’, a total of 9 SuperDoves on Rocket Lab’s Electron, is currently planned for the first half of October and will lift off from Rocket Lab Launch Complex 1 on the Māhia Peninsula in New Zealand. Emerging from the unfortunate launch accident of Flock 4e on […]

Satellite Imagery Provides a Glimpse into Medieval Times


A new study has successfully combined Planet imagery with information processing algorithms in order to study and reconstruct medieval archaeological sites without causing any damage to these historical locations. Using a synthesis of remote sensing and geoinformatics, an archeological exploration has uncovered the layout of a medieval village located at Șanțul Turcilor, […]

Flock 4v’s Captivating First Light Imagery


Last week, 26 SuperDoves (Flock 4v) were launched on Arianespace’s VV16 SSMS-POC flight, joining Planet’s existing fleet of Doves and SuperDoves. Today, we’re thrilled to share the first light images from the new flock, and are happy to report that the satellites are all healthy and on their way to full commercial […]

Planet and Everbridge Partner to Use Satellite Imagery for Critical Event Management


Planet is partnering with Everbridge, the global leader in Critical Event Management, to bring a powerful new data source to global security and operations teams. High-cadence satellite imagery can enhance situational awareness around critical events, and combined with Everbridge’s high-cadence alerts and critical event management capabilities, it becomes even more valuable. This […]

Planet Satellite Imagery Brings Europe into Focus


As satellite imagery proves to be increasingly valuable across the globe, Planet continues to focus on Europe with timely event coverage and international partnerships, including ongoing projects in European countries across multiple vertical markets, as well as mapping with both commercial and government organizations. In September 2019, Planet partnered with the Food […]

Planet Software Impact Program Pushes for Racial Equity


At Planet, our mission is to use space to help life on Earth. And while advocating for social and racial justice may not necessarily involve satellites and taking pictures from space, we believe we can play a role in something that’s so important to life on Earth. We recognize the uncomfortable truth […]

26 SuperDoves Hitch a Ride on Arianespace’s Vega Rocket


On September 2nd, 2020 (September 3rd, 2020 UTC), the Vega rocket successfully lofted 26 SuperDoves, Flock 4v, on Arianespace’s VV16 SSMS-POC flight, along with several other small satellites. The first 14 SuperDoves were successfully deployed into an approximately 500 km Sun-synchronous orbit, and Planet’s mission operations team is already shepherding those satellites […]

Planet Hack 2020: Our Annual Hackathon Goes Virtual


At Planet, our mission is to make change visible, accessible and actionable. In 2017 we achieved that by building the world’s largest satellite constellation that images the entire Earth’s landmass every day. Three years later, our platform continues to grow as we develop new ways for people to harness the power of […]

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