Auckland, June 6, 2016

Satellite Blog Posts

Taming Wildfires with Vegetation Management


Every year, wildfires consume millions of acres of land around the globe. Such fires triggered by a combination of electrical networks and extreme weather include the 100,277-hectare Lutz Creek fire in British Columbia, “Black Saturday” in Victoria, Australia, and the Camp Fire in California in November 2018, which destroyed over 150,000 acres, […]

Start the Growing Season Off Strong with Satellite Data


Plan with Confidence and the Best Field Data Available As the new growing season opens, growers are looking to put the uncertainties of 2020 behind them and start fresh. Digital technologies and the increasing availability of data from the field help provide a fresh perspective on where to focus resources and ensure […]

Decoupling Commodities Production from Deforestation


Decoupling deforestation from commodities production is critical to climate and sustainability solutions. Today, over two-thirds of tropical deforestation occurs due to the production of just four commodities: cattle, soy, palm oil, and pulp and timber. However, global supply chains are complex, and commercial-grade solutions to account for and manage deforestation risks remain […]

Belonging Spotlight:
Patrice Johnson


This is part two of our series, “Belonging Spotlight.” Each volume features a member of our Planet community and is a valuable opportunity to get to know the person, the whole person, and understand what belonging really means to them.  I had the great privilege to sit down and connect with Patrice […]

How Analysts Uncover Covert Nuclear Facilities with Planet Data


Identifying potential threats and acting decisively is crucial to ensuring global security. Geointelligence analysts are responsible for studying a myriad of activities that might indicate a security risk. But how do they analyze activities that are intentionally carried out in a covert or hidden manner?  To get insight into this question, we […]

Solinftec and Planet Partner to Provide Real-Time Agronomic Insights


Solinftec will now incorporate Planet satellite data into their platform to guide crop management decisions made by farmers and agricultural retailers. Solinftec’s platform provides their users with agronomic insights while on-the-job, helping to inform complex, daily farm activities and ag retailer services. Incorporating Planet imagery will add a new layer of vital […]

Universal Access to Satellite Monitoring Paves the Way to Protect the World’s Tropical Forests


In September 2020, Norway’s Ministry of Climate and Environment awarded an international contract to Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT), who, in partnership with Planet and Airbus, have since been providing universal access to high-resolution satellite monitoring of the tropics to support efforts to stop deforestation and save the world’s tropical forests. The contract is […]

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