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Satellite Blog Posts

How Granular Delivers Fast, Frequent, In-Field Insights to Farmers


As farms continue to digitize their operations, farmers are increasingly able to blend intuition and expertise with data from new sensors that capture subtle changes in the field. Planet’s long-standing partner Granular is at the forefront of this agtech revolution, building new analytic tools to help farmers increase yields and manage risk […]

Planet Welcomes Rosanne Saccone as Chief Marketing Officer


I’m happy to announce that Rosanne Saccone has joined Planet as our Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Rosanne is a seasoned strategic marketing executive and leader with over 25 years of results-driven marketing and management experience in the high tech industry. Rosanne is joining Planet at a critical time as the company continues […]

Tech Entrepreneur Wendy Tan White Joins Planet’s Board


We are thrilled to announce that Wendy Tan White has joined Planet’s Board of Directors, taking Google’s seat. With over 25 years of experience working in technology and investment, she brings extensive entrepreneurial experience and leadership to Planet as we grow our business in existing and new markets. Wendy is currently the […]

Feast your Eyes on SkySats 16-18 First Light


Last month, Planet launched three high resolution satellites on a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket – SkySats 16-18 – the first of two launches delivering six more SkySats to orbit. We’re excited to share first light imagery from these recently launched SkySats, delivering 50 cm spatial resolution!  The low launch insertion orbit by the […]

Planet Partners with SpaceNet for Multi-Temporal Urban Development Challenge


We’re excited to partner with SpaceNet LLC, a nonprofit focused on machine learning techniques for geospatial applications, to support the SpaceNet7 Multi-Temporal Urban Development Challenge which was just recently announced. The challenge focuses on developing better methods to track building construction over time using Planet imagery mosaics. Rapid and accurate remote-sensing of […]

Explore 2020: Planet Goes Virtual For Its Biggest Annual Event


Last October, Planet hosted our first ever user conference, Planet Explore.  It was thrilling and humbling to bring together over 400 attendees from 28 different countries who were represented across dozens of industries. We’re excited to bring the geospatial community together again this year, even though the event will look a bit […]

Esri and Planet Expand Satellite Imagery Partnership


Planet is expanding its partnership with Esri, the global market leader in GIS software. Esri will be reselling satellite imagery, extending access to Planet’s high cadence data set to the largest GIS community. With this new agreement, Esri customers can now directly buy Planet imagery. As was announced at the 2019 Esri […]

Rocket Lab Electron Rocket Fails Carrying Five SuperDoves


On July 4, 2020 (July 5 local time in New Zealand), Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket carrying Planet’s Flock 4e (five SuperDoves) suffered an anomaly preventing the successful launch and deployment of the satellite payloads. While it’s never the outcome that we hope for, the risk of launch failure is one Planet is […]

Coming Back to Earth with Planetary Scientist Tanya of Mars


This is the third installment in our Stellar Minds series, where we profile Planet’s extraordinary employees and their accomplishments. Keep checking our blog for upcoming features on some of the most remarkable people in aerospace today. I can remember exactly what first got me interested in space as a kid, and it’s […]

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