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Announcing Planet’s Developer Trial Program


As a developer, whenever I encounter a new API, I always hope for an easy way to take it for a test drive before I commit to signing up for anything. Being able to exercise an API in “real world” scenarios is incredibly important for evaluating it as a potential fit for my use case.

That’s why I’m pleased to announce that Planet is launching a new Developer Trial Program focused on giving API users a chance to take our platform for a spin. This trial program is for any user interested in using Planet’s APIs (whether your job title includes “developer” or not).

As a Developer Trial user, you will receive a real API key that allows you to make real requests against nearly every Planet API. In addition, you’ll have access to real Planet data within a variety of areas of interest around the world. You’ll also be able to develop toolchains to test integration into your existing workflows, evaluate cloud data delivery options and more. Basically, you’ll be able to test everything the Planet platform can do except task a satellite in space.

The Developer Trial Program is limited to people who are not existing customers of Planet, and API and data access through the program is limited to non-commercial, evaluation use only. To better fit the Trial Program to your needs, give us a brief description of your project, use case, or general evaluation goals when you apply.

Learn more about the Developer Trial Program and apply here.