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Wuhan Reacts to Coronavirus, the Taal Volcano Erupts and More


Journalists continue to utilize satellite data to inform the public about pressing issues. Here are some examples of how satellite imagery has been used to help monitor important global events. The Phases of Wuhan Reuters utilized satellite data to track the effects that the coronavirus outbreak has had on Wuhan, the capital […]

Laura Malinasky on Becoming Planet’s Head of Legal and People


This is the first installment in the Stellar Minds series, where Planet employees are profiled and their accomplishments are highlighted. Keep checking the blog for upcoming features on remarkable people working in the aerospace industry today. Laura Malinasky, Planet’s chief legal and people officer, has had quite a career—having spent more than […]

See Some of the Solar System’s Spookiest Sites


Planet satellites can be great for spotting the various wonders of the world, and spooky sites are no exception. In the spirit of Halloween, here’s a collection of locations known for their creepy histories. (Beware: Visiting these places may cause goosebumps! And a burning desire to tell your friends about all the […]

The Kincade and Saddleridge Fires, Dallas Tornadoes and Japan’s Typhoon


As natural disasters continue to leave their mark on communities and environments, satellite imagery is proving useful to journalists as they inform the public about these important events. Here are some examples of how satellite data can be utilized to help monitor environmental catastrophes. Kincade Fire Over a thousand firefighters are currently […]

Tanker Seizures, the 737 MAX Stack Up, and North Korea’s Submarines


Satellite imagery continues to inform journalists in their investigative reporting. Here are some of the biggest stories that used data from space to break news. Maritime Mystery-Solving Recently, two oil tankers were seized by Iranian naval forces, who then turned off radio transponders that allowed the tankers’ locations and identities to be […]

Where Aliens Attacked in the Independence Day Movie


Today is Independence Day, when in 1776 the Continental Congress declared the 13 American colonies were no longer subject to the monarch of Britain and were now free, united and independent states. It’s great to celebrate Independence Day and its significance, but why stop the fun there? After all, Independence Day isn’t […]