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European Space Agency to Utilize More Planet Constellations


The European Space Agency (ESA) entered into an agreement with Planet to gain access to both PlanetScope and SkySat constellations—with the aim of having these tools complement data drawn from ESA’s own earth observation satellites and Third Party Missions. Until recently, ESA had access to only RapidEye satellites under the EarthNet Programme, but recently decided to expand its arsenal of tools in the hope of sharing resources and knowledge for the benefit of all citizens.

Planet is a part of ESA’s Third Party Missions program under evaluation. Education, research and early stage startups will benefit from working with both PlanetScope and SkySat to evaluate their research or business models.

Using our unique tools, scientists have done everything from monitoring stem water potential in vineyards to revealing climate dynamics of tens of thousand of high-latitude lakes. Researchers were even able to assess building damage after the Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami in the area of Palu, Indonesia.

In the spirit of knowledge and innovation, if you’re a researcher, or early stage startup interested in using our data for noncommercial purposes, please inquire at, and we will provide you instructions on how to apply to the ESA portal.

We look forward to being a part of your investigations and discovery.