Next generation Dove-R captures a shot of Capetown, South Africa© 2019, Planet Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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A Sneak Peek at Imagery from our Next-Generation of Dove Satellites


Launching frequently (four times a year, on average) is part of our DNA. This rapid approach to aerospace allows us to iteratively test and deploy new technologies into orbit that will sustain our global monitoring mission and drive increased value for our customers over time.

Last December, we launched 33 satellites aboard 3 rockets in less than 30 days — a record rate for Planet. These launches included two SkySats and next-generation Dove satellites, each equipped with a number of technologies that will be folded into our products over the coming year.  

Our latest Dove satellites are the same 3U form-factor (approximately 10cm x 10cm x 30 cm) as previous iterations and provide continuity for our global 4-band product, but with substantial under-the-hood upgrades to our camera to improve image sharpness, radiometric consistency, and spectral precision. These changes will enhance the natural color of our visual products and increase the accuracy and consistency of any analytics derived from this data. These next-generation Doves have already completed commissioning and are now undergoing calibration & validation before being released to our customers. Check out a few of our first images from these satellites:

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