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In Search of Innovative Ideas for Planet’s Copernicus Masters ‘See Change, Change the World’ Challenge


For the fourth year in a row, Planet is partnering with the Copernicus Masters competition in search of innovative start-up ideas with a focus on the environment and climate change. The Copernicus Masters ”See Change, Change the World” challenge is now open for submissions and everyone can apply with their ideas for a chance to win a free data package worth €125,000, technical and business support, and an exciting trip to San Francisco for Planet’s Explore 2022 Conference.

The Copernicus programme offers a robust dataset for environment monitoring and when combined with Planet’s high-resolution and high-frequency data, it can provide even greater added value for consumers. We are searching for bold and innovative solutions that leverage the complementary Planet and Copernicus dataset and solve real world problems while maintaining a strong business model – you must know your market and how to reach your customers. Whether you address new use cases related to sustainable recovery, sustainable food systems, or simply have advanced technological innovations to showcase, we expect the winner to think outside the box. 

Applications should include ideas that will contribute to solving climate and environmental challenges, specifically contributing to the European Green Deal objectives. These environmental objectives require quick and efficient mobilization by everyone – policy makers and governments, industry, and citizens. Europe has an aim to become climate-neutral by 2050 and the EU Biodiversity Strategy sets up forward-thinking objectives to be reached by 2030 that promote both nature protection and restoration. These ambitious targets present a challenge, but also an opportunity. We are excited to see what ground-breaking solutions you all come up with to help reach these goals.


We are ready to learn about your innovative ideas! Registration is now open until July 19, 2021. Please apply at the Copernicus Masters page. 

Planet’s past winners can give you inspiration for your ideas and approach. Check out, Green City Watch and IMARA. Credit: AZO.