Next-generation PlanetScope image of Baltimore, Maryland, on July 13, 2019 © 2019, Planet Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Introducing Next-Generation PlanetScope Imagery


We gave you a sneak peek at our next-generation Dove satellites earlier this year when we released “first light” images. Now we’re happy to formally introduce our Next-Generation PlanetScope imagery: a step forward in Planet’s commitment to agile aerospace and the delivery of high-frequency, global imagery.

Next-Generation PlanetScope brings enhancements to PlanetScope imagery quality and accuracy for our customers, while maintaining high coverage rates. These enhancements include; richer, more vibrant colors and sharper imagery due to sensor improvements; and more accurate surface reflectance values for analytics and land cover classification.

PlanetScope image of Siheung, South Korea, on May 21, 2019 © 2019, Planet Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Next-Generation PlanetScope image of Siheung, South Korea, on July 5, 2019 © 2019, Planet Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved.

In addition, Next-Generation PlanetScope imagery products will be natively interoperable with public missions, such as Copernicus Sentinel-2. This will empower our customers to leverage PlanetScope data with other sensors to complement their analysis and applications.

Planet continually invests in its core product lines, leveraging the latest and greatest hardware and software advancements to iterate quickly and deliver more value to customers. PlanetScope imagery products remain the fastest-growing segment of our overall business, and a key area for future investments. We are dedicated to furthering technology that allows customers to see change, discover insights, and build new services and applications.

Stay tuned on this front for more exciting developments later this year.

Next-Generation PlanetScope is now available in the Planet Data API or Planet Explorer. Reach out to for help, and learn more about our flagship Planet Monitoring, Planet Archive, and Planet Basemap products by exploring our website.