A complex network of crevasses is visible in this SkySat view of Exit Glacier collected on August 15, 2019. © 2019, Planet Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Meet Martin Van Ryswyk: Planet’s New SVP of Product


We are excited to welcome Martin Van Ryswyk as Planet’s new senior vice president of Product, who will be responsible for helping to guide product vision and strategies moving forward.

Before joining Planet, Van Ryswyk was executive vice president of Product Management and Engineering at DataStax—the company behind Apache Cassandra. Van Ryswyk managed teams that created the company’s enterprise versions, including a fully managed version in the cloud, while at the same time contributing the majority of the code to the Open Source Apache Cassandra project. The commercial and Open Source versions are used by high volume mission critical applications the world over—including Netflix, Apple, Uber, Spotify, and thousands more.

Van Ryswyk is eager to bring his skills to his new role and help Planet grow its business model, and to guide and support his new team.

“I’m drawn to both the humanitarian mission of Planet, as well as its business goals to empower better decision making in the private and public sectors,” Van Ryswyk says. “Planet is already a leader in New Space and I look forward to helping us accelerate that lead.”

Van Ryswyk says he is excited about Planet’s Analytics capabilities, particularly Planet’s mission of a queryable Earth. “That really resonates with me and I think Planet is uniquely positioned to make it a reality. “