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Planet and Farmers Edge Redefine Precision Ag with Landmark Agriculture Deal


For years, Farmers Edge has been a valued customer and partner, distributing RapidEye and PlanetScope imagery through their precision ag software suite. Today, we’re proud to announce that we’ve strengthened our ties to Farmers Edge, entering into a strategic distribution deal with the leading agricultural insights provider.   

Planet and Farmers Edge, together, are bringing insights derived from daily, global imagery to the agriculture industry. The multi-year, multi-million dollar deal names Farmers Edge as a sole distributor of Planet data in select agricultural regions around the globe. This partnership equips Farmers Edge growers with comprehensive, high-quality field imagery more frequently updated than any other company in the industry. 

For Planet, this massive deal for our firehose of geospatial data validates our daily monitoring mission and will enable faster market adoption of our proprietary content. Farmers Edge commitment to Planet ensures that our data is brought to market in the form of high quality analytics and information products.

Daily Planet data will be the foundation of the daily field monitoring, in-field analytics, and predictive modeling that Farmers Edge product suite provides. Customers can leverage Planet data to detect of pest and weed pressure, identify drainage issues, assess hail damage, understand herbicide injuries, spot nutrient deficiencies, run yield predictions, and more. 

A look at how Planet data fits into the Farmers Edge platform

Harvest, earn, feed more – with less. This is the challenge of every agricultural operation. Planet and Farmers Edge are enabling solutions that optimize inputs, maximize profitability, and accelerate sustainable farming. Global innovators in ag are building tools that advance agronomy, project commodity yields, and improve growers’ access to credit. Farmers Edge and Planet together will bring an unparalleled dataset to the market, capture new markets, expand offerings and advance ag innovation. 

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