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Planet Leads RapidAI4EO Consortium to Advance Rapid and Continuous Land Monitoring


A Planet-led consortium, RapidAI4EO, has been awarded a competitive grant to advance state-of-the-art, continuous land monitoring applications throughout Europe. This award was given under the Horizon 2020 program, which is the largest public research and development (R&D) investment in Europe and supports breakthrough innovations that could ultimately turn into operational solutions for The Copernicus Program and Services

RapidAI4EO brings together industry leaders from Planet, Vision Impulse, VITO, IIASA, and ONDA DIAS/Serco Italia. The work of this team will enable new and better ways of measuring and understanding the human footprint on our planet, which is a key challenge of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The consortium will develop improved AI processes and provide critical training data to establish the foundations for the next generation of Copernicus Land Monitoring Service (CLMS) products – with a focus on the CORINE Land Cover program, the flagship of CLMS. By combining Copernicus satellite data and advanced Fusion Monitoring products from Planet, RapidAI4EO will provide innovative ways of detecting and classifying change in land cover and land use at a much higher level of detail and temporal cadence than is possible today. These complete training sets will be open sourced for the benefit of the entire remote sensing community. 

Planet Fusion Monitoring, Planet’s first in a series of game-changing Fusion products that combine multiple data types and refine them into a single information stream, will be heavily used throughout the RapidAI4EO project.

We’re eager to get started on this important work to better understand land use change and classification over large parts of Europe. We’ll be sharing important milestones and project updates in the coming months. Follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date on the latest.