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Planet and Preligens Partner to Achieve Near-Persistent Monitoring for Defense & Intelligence Analysts


We are thrilled to share that our partner Preligens will leverage Planet’s satellite data to enhance a unique monitoring solution for the defense and intelligence sector. Combining our imagery with Preligens AI/ML capabilities, we will enable our D&I customers to monitor thousands of sites of interest with a high revisit rate. For analysts around the world, this partnership solves a critically needed data processing gap, accelerating the intelligence cycle, and increasing overall situational awareness.

Preligens, founded in 2016 by two French engineers, develops AI/ML software that empowers analysts to automatically detect, identify, and classify more than 9 classes of military assets (aircraft, vessels, helicopters) in just a matter of minutes. These algorithms, paired with daily data from Planet’s unmatched revisit rate, can achieve near-persistent monitoring across numerous sites, no matter the context (snowy, desert, urban etc.).

With today’s advancements in satellite technology, governments and organizations are receiving more imagery and data than ever before. To prevent all of this imagery from going unanalyzed or becoming severely delayed in processing, Preligens allows analysts to leverage large quantities of the available satellite data by keeping eyes on everything and alerting them in near-real time of any abnormal activity that may require their attention. It can further save time by automating tedious tasks such as counting objects of military interest and identifying patterns of life. 

This solution was made possible by automating parts of the TCPED (Tasking, Collection, Processing, Exploitation, and Dissemination) process. Specifically, Planet’s and Preligens’ partnership increases speed between the collection and processing of the imagery and enables analysts to leverage a very large amount of imagery, resulting in improved situational awareness across the globe. Preligens’ solutions are already combat tested with governmental entities including NATO and the French Armed Forces.

Learn more about how Preligens with Planet can decrease the intelligence cycle for your team.

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