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Planet Welcomes New CFO Ashley Fieglein Johnson


I’m happy to announce that Ashley Fieglein Johnson is Planet’s new chief financial officer (CFO). Ashley is an expert in corporate strategy, business development and finance, and she has extensive experience building and leading teams in the technology space.

Ashley is joining Planet at an exciting time as the company continues to grow its business and scale globally. Leading an already stellar finance team, Ashley will own investor relations, mergers and acquisitions and business planning, and help Planet build a strong, predictable commercial enterprise.

“Planet’s business is fascinating not only because it has huge commercial potential, but because it can transform how we understand and engage with our planet,” Ashley says. “I’m excited to bring my operations and finance experience to the team as Planet launches into the next phase of its growth.”

Before joining Planet, Ashley was both the CFO and chief operating officer (COO) at Wealthfront, a nextgen banking service that helps young professionals manage their savings. In her role as CFO/COO, Ashley supervised finance and accounting, legal and compliance, brokerage operations, client service, employee engagement, HR and recruiting. During her tenure, the company grew from $2 billion to greater than $24 billion in customer assets managed, while only growing headcount from 90 to 200 employees using automation to drive scale throughout the business.

Prior to Wealthfront, Ashley held myriad leadership positions at the industry-leading B2B technology platform ServiceSource, where her main focuses were always finance and go-to-market. Her titles there ranged from CFO, chief customer officer (CCO) and interim chief executive officer (CEO). Before that, Ashley also worked at private equity firm General Atlantic, led international business development for Ariba and worked in both venture investing and investment banking for the technology corporate finance division of Morgan Stanley.

In addition to these impressive roles, Ashley also founded GreenAtom, a professional services firm that helped renewable energy companies build their corporate infrastructure, develop financial strategies and hone business development. She studied international relations and policy at Stanford University, and likes the global nature of Planet’s business. She is looking forward to working for a company that is outwardly concerned about the state of the planet.

In addition to her financial expertise, what particularly excites me about Ashley is her interest in sustainability and Planet’s mission: “I’m really passionate about and concerned for the health of the Earth, and I want to be a part of a company like Planet that is creating systems that could help protect it,” Ashley says.

Welcome to the team!