Forest and Fields, July 18, 2016

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PlanetScope Used to Map Tree Species in Urban Areas


Image above: PlanetScope image of urban areas and green spaces in Zagreb, Croatia taken April 1, 2023. © 2023, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved. Many of us are familiar with that runny nose, itchy eye, and stuffy sinus sensation so often associated with seasonal allergies and the release of tree pollen. […]

Detecting Amazon Forest Degradation


Image above: PlanetScope image of the Amazon rainforest in Peru taken June 5, 2023. © 2023, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved. Many are familiar with news stories and reports regarding deforestation in the Amazon rainforest. However, some may be surprised to see that it is estimated that forest degradation has actually […]

Estimating Soil Moisture with PlanetScope for Agricultural Resilience in Indonesia

Image above: PlanetScope image of rice paddies along the slopes of Mount Lawu, Indonesia taken September 17, 2022. © 2022, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved. Along the sloping landscape of Mount Lawu in Central Java, Indonesia, farmers experience a wide variety of crop growth as a result of water availability. As […]

Satellite Data and Computer Vision Used to Monitor Manure from Factory Farms


Image above: PlanetScope image of manure spread over snow in Easton, Wisconsin taken February 7, 2022. © 2022, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved. Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs), also known as industrial-scale factory farms, raise large amounts of livestock in small confined spaces. As a consequence, these environments also generate a […]

Using PlanetScope to Map Snowmelt In Alpine Ecosystems


Image above: PlanetScope image of snowcapped Upper Gunnison Mountains, Colorado taken December 4, 2021. © 2021, Planet Labs PBC. All Rights Reserved. Alpine regions are some of the most sensitive systems to climate change. In the mountainous ecosystems of the western United States, for example, even small changes in temperature cause significant […]

Capturing Illegal Sand Mining in PlanetScope Imagery


Illegal sand mining is running rampant in the world due to the need for river sand as a binder in making concrete. Desert sand isn’t suitable for this purpose due to its shape. This illegal activity had led to the deaths of journalists, farmers, miners, and more, as well as causing ecological […]

Estimating River Flow with PlanetScope Data


Past studies have explored the use of flowing ice debris to estimate stream velocity with Planet data. However, tropical rivers pose a distinct challenge, due to high cloud cover and turbidity. Adriano Junqueira, of São Paulo State University, led a team to deploy a novel approach in the Araguaia River watershed in […]

Tropical and Temperate Forest Phenology Revealed by Planet Imagery


A team of researchers led by Professor Jin Wu, at the University of Hong Kong, has been studying tropical and temperate forest phenology—the rhythms and periods of life. Aided by the high revisit rate of Dove satellites, Jing Wang and team detected dry season vegetation patterns in the Amazon: many tropical trees […]

PlanetScope Imagery Reveals that COVID Lockdown Reduced Sediments in Waters of Venice


Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, humanity noted several effects of lockdowns on the Earth system from orbit, including vacant highways, and reductions in air pollution. People affected in Venice reported that the local waters were clearer than they had been in decades. Milad Niroumand-Jadidi and colleagues at the University of Trento and […]