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Successful Launch of Flock 4e’ on Rocket Lab’s Electron


On October 28, 2020 Rocket Lab successfully launched Flock 4e’, nine latest-generation SuperDoves, on the Electron rocket from their New Zealand launch site. The Flock 4e’ SuperDoves were deployed into an approximately 500 km, morning-crossing Sun Synchronous Orbit (SSO), joining the rest of the constellation providing medium-resolution Earth imagery with unprecedented coverage and frequency of update.

These nine SuperDoves are equipped with 8 spectral bands that provide high image quality and accurate surface reflectance values for advanced algorithms and time-series analysis. Planet’s SuperDoves are also interoperable with publicly available imagery, like Copernicus’ Sentinel-2, enabling innovative applications and use cases. 


Liftoff of Rocket Lab's Electron rocket carrying nine SuperDoves

Liftoff of Rocket Lab’s Electron rocket carrying nine SuperDoves


Planet’s Mission Operations team quickly established contact with all nine SuperDoves and those satellites are currently undergoing commissioning. Rocket Lab’s “In Focus” mission was their 15th launch, and the third time carrying Planet satellites. Check back on Planet’s Twitter account for further launch and commissioning updates.

Thanks for the ride, Rocket Lab!