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Summer 2022: Launching the Next Generation 


What a year for Planet! As we continue to grow and invest in our bright future, we couldn’t be more excited to welcome our new interns/fellows class to experience our transformation together. 

We’re Planet’s Intern Coordinators and we’re stoked this week is the launch of our Summer 2022 internship/fellowship opportunities. We know it’s a hot market, and you may have a lot of options to choose from. Consider Planet at the top of your list. If your values align with collaboration and doing good, you’ve found the right place. Paired with becoming a Carbon Neutral Company and a Public Benefit Corporation in just the last 6 months, Planet is innovating with a mission! No matter what intern/fellow role you take on here, you can feel confident that you will be at the center of a global digital transformation. Whether it’s agile aerospace, sustainability, transparency, or data analytics that gets you excited about Planet, we look forward to hearing all about it!

Now, let’s get granular. You love what we do, but you have to see if what we offer aligns with your skillset and desired career direction. Check out our opportunities on the 2022 Summer Intern tab on our careers page. Whether you’re in the lab, tuning in remotely, or joining us from either of our San Francisco or Berlin offices, you’ll be supported every step of the way.  

We can guarantee that you will be exposed to folks from around the world, and working alongside new skillsets that maybe you never imagined your path pairing with. This will be our third season supporting remote interns, which allows us to reach further communities in our country and world. Whether your internship requires in-office work or cross country communication, we have programming for you. While we don’t have a direct to hire program after your 12 weeks are complete, we have hired many fellows and interns full-time from past seasons. 

Beyond the types of internships, we also partner with really impactful fellowships in the space industry. We’re proud to be hosting fellows from:

Brooke Owens Fellowship  – a fellowship that provides mentorship to exceptional undergraduate women and gender-minority students in aerospace.

Virgin Galactic Black Scholars/BLAST – a fellowship program that provides mentoring, jobs and career support for Black scholars pursuing STEM education with a focus on aerospace.

Matthew Isakowitz Fellowship – a highly selective internship, mentorship, and networking program that provides extraordinary summer opportunities to current college juniors, seniors, and graduate students passionate about commercial spaceflight.

ZED Factor – a program that empowers aspiring aerospace professionals from underrepresented backgrounds by connection with hands-on practical working experiences with leading companies in the aerospace community.

If you’d like to learn more about last years’ cohort, read the interns’ testimonials in the 2021 Intern Yearbook and watch the 2021 recap video!

This post was co-written by Michelle Idziorek, Tori Klotz and MaKayla Holloway. 

Please contact Michelle at for Space Systems internships or questions regarding the fellowship programs listed above. 

Please contact Tori at for Marketing, Legal, and Strategy internships or programming questions. 

Please contact MaKayla at for any of the above and University level program partnerships.