Boulder, July 13, 2016

mining Blog Posts

Planet’s Data Supports Safe and Sustainable Mining Management


Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX) is an international mining company that operates large copper, gold and molybdenum mines. In an effort to support its stated commitment to safety performance, environmental management, and local communities, FCX is using Planet data to monitor and maintain its operations.  Tailings are known as the by-product of mining operations, […]

The Observatory of Extractive Industries (OIE) Shines a Light on the Mining Industry Using Planet’s Satellite Data


Observatorio de Industrias Extractivas, or the Observatory of Extractive Industries (OIE) is a research platform dedicated to providing data on mining companies and other extractive industries in Guatemala. Through an interactive map-based platform, the organization provides critical datasets and official information to help generate reports on the actions of these industries. To […]

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