SkySat image of the decommissioned aircraft “boneyard” outside of Tucson captured on October 19, 2016 © 2016, Planet Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Terra Bella Officially Joins Planet


I’m pleased to share today that Planet’s agreement to acquire Terra Bella from Google has officially closed, having received regulatory approval. We’re excited to officially welcome the Terra Bella team to Planet, and integrate the SkySat constellation and imagery into our business.

We’re eager to add high resolution data to our products which, as I discussed in February, enable services like tip & cue. The complementary nature of one-meter SkySat imagery and global, daily 3-5-meter Dove imagery dramatically enhances the breadth of coverage capabilities that our constellations can deliver. We look forward to providing these new services to our users!

This ‘close’ is also the beginning—the beginning of a new chapter at Planet, and of a lot of work across our organization over the next year to make SkySat imagery available on the Planet platform.

As I’ve gotten to know my new colleagues at Terra Bella, I’m more confident than ever that we will achieve our shared vision of imaging the Earth at an unprecedented rate, broadening access to geospatial data, and delivering powerful new insights about our world.

We’re also delighted to welcome Google as a shareholder and customer.

On behalf of Team Planet, I’d like to extend a warm (and excited!) welcome to the Terra Bella team to the Planet family!

Ad astra!

PS: To join our growing team, apply through our careers page.