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Getting to Ground-Truth in Asia: Part Three – Harnessing satellite data for infrastructure inventory and disaster response


When the underwater Hunga Tonga-Hunga Ha’apai volcano erupted in January 2022, it sent about 58,000 Olympic-sized swimming pools’ worth of seawater into the earth’s stratosphere. And today, researchers are exploring whether it could have been linked to extreme weather events that transpired in the southern hemisphere, like the February 2023 Cyclone Gabrielle […]

Monitoring sewage from space


How Earth observation and geospatial data can help tackle sewage and safeguard the environment. Last summer’s deluge in London dropped an equivalent of two month’s rain in just two hours, and those flash floods precipitated popped tops on manhole covers and sewage pollution warnings spanning from British streets to Welsh beaches.  A […]

Using Space to Help Feed the Hungry


A new partnership between Planet and NASA Harvest will make breakthrough food security solution widely available When NASA Harvest researchers started analyzing fields from above on either side of the frontlines in Russia and Ukraine, they saw more than artillery pockmarked-fields with budding rows of sunflowers. They saw a looming food security […]

NASA Harvest: Larger wheat harvest in Ukraine than expected


Analysts at NASA Harvest have been tracking the impact to agriculture in Ukraine since the outbreak of the Russo-Ukrainian war, and their latest study (re-posted in full from NASA Earth Observatory below) shows that farmers have harvested 26.6 million tons of wheat in 2022 – several million tons higher than expected in […]

NASA Harvest tracks frontline agriculture patterns with Planet’s satellite data


In the midst of the Russo-Ukrainian war, more cropland than was initially expected has been both harvested and planted along both the Russian-occupied and Ukrainian-held territories, according to NASA Harvest research.  Leveraging Planet’s satellite image datasets, NASA Harvest has been monitoring potential threats to global food security caused by the Russo-Ukrainian War. […]