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Elevate Your Business with the Powered By Planet Program


Today we’re announcing our newest partner program, Powered By Planet, which allows partners to design scalable business applications and platforms powered by Planet data–elevating their business to the next level. With the program, organizations like technology companies and independent software vendors can drive value and innovation for the end users across various geographies and industries such as agriculture, analytics, energy, maritime and more.

Part of Planet’s Orbit partner ecosystem, Powered by Planet fosters and facilitates partners’ extraordinary innovations as they build global applications to help customers make smarter decisions as they draw on our near-daily global imagery.

What makes Powered by Planet unique is that it differs from the traditional reseller model prevalent in the satellite data industry. Based on a consumption model with no predefined areas of interest (AOIs), Powered by Planet allows partners to buy Planet’s data up front, providing them with the flexibility to grow their businesses and adjust their data usage as their needs and revenue stream change. The easy-to-license packages employ consumption-based pricing, designed to cater to whatever stage of business you are at—from a startup new to geospatial data or an established enterprise looking to grow their market share.

“We decided to launch this because there was a clear need for a program that would allow partners to go to market faster and onboard customers more quickly and easily,” says John Atkinson, vice president of Channel Sales at Planet. “Powered by Planet furthers Planet’s mission to make change visible, accessible and actionable, accelerating partner’s time and value while democratizing access to satellite data and insights for all.”

With the capabilities offered by the program, partners can provide their customers the option to download imagery and Planet Basemaps, stream scenes, and task Planet’s high resolution satellites. Our partners can also provide in-depth analyses and near-real time insights to customers based on information gleaned from Planet imagery. 

With Powered by Planet, partners can integrate Planet data into their existing applications to uplevel the success of their customers. For example, in agriculture, Powered by Planet program empowers agriculture partners like Doktar Agricultural Solutions to design a platform to help farmers maximize yields, monitor crop health and provide useful analysis, all in one place.

“Powered by Planet gives Doktar flexibility to deliver insights on crop health to our customers, everywhere they grow. This enables us to expand our business to new markets and new areas of the globe,” says Tanzer Bilgen, CEO of Doktar. 

Swift Geospatial, a forest management company based in South Africa, utilizes the Powered by Planet program to integrate Planet data into their platform, optimizing sustainable harvesting, identifying in-field stress and helping to reduce the unnecessary cutting of trees. Through a combination of Planet data and other geospatial data and analytic software, they create products that allow customers to see when compartments are harvested or if they’ve been harvested incorrectly as well as identify areas within a compartment that are stressed.

“Planet has actionable information at a resolution and frequency that empowers our customers to find solutions to their problems and reduce overall losses,” says Michael Breetzke, co-founder and director of business development at Swift Geospatial. “Powered by Planet allows us to tailor our platform to each of our client’s needs, whether they’re a geospatial novice or expert.” 

Climate Engine provides critical earth insights to understand the risks and opportunities in the midst of unprecedented environmental and socio-economic changes. Built on top of Google Earth Engine and Google Cloud Platform, the deployable solution offers a secure, scalable cloud architecture and ecosystem to operationalize the world’s best science. Climate Engine can now offer incredible levels of precision for critical decision-making through its seamless integration of Planet imagery into the platform.

“We’ve been working closely with Planet over the course or the last year to integrate their critical data products into the Climate Engine platform,” says Caleb White, managing partner of Climate Engine. “The Powered by Planet Program has accelerated this integration from both a technology and business perspective, ultimately providing us with a seamless manner in which we can deliver incredible insights to our clients.” 

Find out how you can become a Powered by Planet partner here. If you’re an existing partner, login to the Partner Orbit portal for more details. For additional resources, visit our Developer Resource Center.