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Esri and Planet Expand Satellite Imagery Partnership


Planet is expanding its partnership with Esri, the global market leader in GIS software. Esri will be reselling satellite imagery, extending access to Planet’s high cadence data set to the largest GIS community. With this new agreement, Esri customers can now directly buy Planet imagery.

As was announced at the 2019 Esri User Conference, Planet released the Planet add-in for ArcGIS Pro, providing Esri customers direct access to Planet imagery within their ArcGIS Pro software. In December 2019, Planet updated its ArcGIS Pro integration, adding access to all Planet imagery, including PlanetScope, SkySat and Planet Basemaps, as well as leading public sector imagery, Landsat and Sentinel. Planet’s imagery, combined with ArcGIS software, empowers GIS workflows and enriches GIS databases with the most up-to-date imagery, leading to more timely and informed decision making.

Along with the new reseller agreement, Planet and Esri will collaborate on developing advanced geospatial solutions for civil government and energy—two market segments with tremendous momentum in GIS and analytics.

“This partnership represents a major step forward in making it easier for the Esri user community to quickly enrich their GIS workflows with high-cadence satellite imagery and analysis ready data, to enable remote monitoring, ensure operational awareness and business continuity, and strengthen civil governance,” says Beau Legeer, imagery and remote sensing sales manager at Esri.

Almost all industries benefit from more frequent imagery in their GIS. Energy companies, for example, can leverage Planet’s Analytic Feeds in the Esri platform—to provide prompt location-based insights for remote monitoring of critical assets or for informing acquisition strategies. Civil governments use Esri’s ArcGIS software in many ways as well—from designing smarter land use plans to creating maps for constituent engagement. Through this partnership, ArcGIS users can augment land-use planning and monitor workflows with current imagery to map and track change more frequently than ever before.

“Every day I think of new uses for Planet imagery, whether it’s for verifying agriculture crop boundaries or reviewing zoning disputes,” says Jose Crummett, GIS manager of El Dorado County, California. “This imagery will ensure that all of our spatial products and services are built on a foundation of timely and credible information.”

“Planet’s high cadence data is invaluable for deriving insights,” says Legeer. “Because Planet data is in near-real time, we are enabling workflows that allow our users to update their GIS with the most current satellite data.”

Planet is excited to enter into an industry-changing reseller agreement with Esri and service mutual customers together.

“This partnership is a true game changer. For the first time, the GIS community can go to one vendor for their state-of-the-art analysis tools and high cadence data sets, which are required to make critical decisions,” says John Atkinson, VP of Partnerships at Planet.

Read more about Planet’s partnership with Esri here and contact us if you have any questions.