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Planet Monitoring

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Global Monitoring, Daily  Insight

Planet Monitoring

High frequency, global coverage

Planet Tasking

Rapid revisit, global intelligence

Planet Basemaps

Current, complete, and analysis-ready mosaics

Planetary Variables

Quantify the changes in dynamic systems

Planet Hyperspectral

Helping various industries see the unseen

Planet Analytic Feeds

Transforming imagery to insights

Planet Platform

Automated, scalable, API-first


Insights for your  industry

Accelerate your time to  value


Planet Analytic Feeds

Transforming imagery to  insights

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Frequent, global imagery is a powerful source of truth. But harnessing that data can be challenging, even for the most seasoned users, and manual, time-intensive approaches often fall short. Now you can unlock deeper insights from Planet imagery by leveraging automated, cloud-based, and global-scale Planet Analytic Feeds.

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Harness The Power Of  Imagery

Planet Analytic Feeds can be applied to our two core imagery offerings, Planet Monitoring and Planet Basemaps, to help you quickly identify features and get additional context within your areas of interest.

Planet Monitoring

Broad area monitoring solution that provides 3.7 m imagery of Earth’s landmass on a near-daily basis.

Planet Basemaps

Current, complete, analysis-ready mosaics, updated at your chosen interval and areas of interest.

Planet Basemaps

Planet selects the best pixels and transforms them into visually consistent and scientifically accurate mosaics that are perfectly suited for computer vision. Now, with Planet Analytic Feeds, you can efficiently extract features on a quarterly, monthly, or weekly basis to empower unique time-series analysis.

Building Detection

Planet Basemaps For Building Detection

Get a comprehensive view of where buildings and infrastructure are located on a quarterly or monthly basis, empowering you to:

  • Update maps and charts
  • Monitor infrastructure and construction
  • Track urban growth & plan future development
Building Detection on Planet Basemaps, Cairo, Egypt

JUNE 2018

JUNE 2019

JUNE 2019

Road Detection on Planet Basemaps, Permian Basin, US

Planet Basemaps For Road Detection

Identify existing and new roads on a monthly basis, empowering you to:

  • Update maps and charts
  • Improve routing of fleets and resources
  • Get competitive intelligence in remote locations

Planet Basemaps For Automated Change Detection

Let our models do the work for you, with Road & Building Change Detection. Automatically extract changes from country-wide areas, empowering you to:

  • Save time monitoring broad areas of land
  • Find new construction and signs of activity on a global scale
  • Cost-effectively direct resources where they are needed
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Planet Basemaps For Well Pad Detection

Track development across multiple sedimentary basins on a monthly or weekly basis, empowering you to:

  • Monitor oil and gas construction across basins
  • Get early competitive intelligence and land acquisition insights
  • Improve routing of resources and streamline operations

Planet Monitoring

With 150+ active satellites in orbit, Planet captures images of the earth's landmass every day, providing an unprecedented dataset for deep learning. Planet Analytic Feeds enables you to spend less time building models and image processing pipelines, and more time on the analysis that drives better decision-making.

Vessel Detection

Planet Basemaps For Vessel Detection

Track the movement of vessels over the globe on a daily basis, from ports to strategic waterways, empowering you to:

  • Monitor patterns of life & anomalies
  • Fill in data gaps & complement AIS or ground surveys
  • Identify vessels that have gone dark

SEPT 24, 2019

SEPT 25, 2019

SEPT 26, 2019

JAN 12, 2020

JAN 13, 2020

JAN 14, 2020

Planet Basemaps For Aircraft Detection

Detect aircraft across multiple airports and airfields on a daily basis, empowering you to:

  • Observe departure and arrival of aircraft
  • Monitor uptick and downturns of economic activity
  • Quantify number of aircrafts over time

On-Demand Analytics Global  Scale

Planet's unprecedented dataset of imagery across the globe gives you the power to leverage our Analytic Feeds anywhere in the world and backward in time with our deep historical archive.

Our global scale means we can deliver analytics off-the-shelf - and if needed custom models developed to your definitions - so you can expedite your analysis. You choose an area, the time period, and we do the work to get you the insights you need.

Work With Our  Partners

Find a trusted partner from the Planet Orbit ecosystem. Our partners transform Planet data & analytics into industry-specific solutions that drive value for your organization.

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Planet Monitoring

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