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Space: The New Frontier of Insurance Technology!


It’s no surprise that 2017 is on track to be one of the most expensive ever for insurance providers. According to various estimates, insured losses are expected between $70 billion to $100 billion. As a result, claims adjusters and underwriters must rely on timely access to empirical data to develop a current understanding of policyholder assets and make better decisions about risk and policy solutions.

To help meet these challenges, insurtech labs and innovative underwriting departments are exploring advanced technologies and alternative data to rapidly evolve the way insurance business is done.

In our newest eBook, Insurtech’s Future with Satellite imagery, we detail new ways that high resolution, high frequency imagery is optimizing and improving insurance operations.

Analysis of before-and-after imagery enables insurers to accurately quantify the spread of disaster events and assess damages

From risk modeling and assessment to fraud detection and asset verification, satellite imagery delivers recent context and timely insight across Catastrophe, Property and Casualty, Reinsurance sectors and more. For a deep dive on how these technologies are revolutionizing the insurance and insurtech industries, you can read more in our eBook.


Space: The New Frontier of Insurance Technology!

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