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Watch Our Spanish Language Precision Ag Webinar


Planet’s built the largest constellation of satellites in history along with a data processing pipeline and online platform that lets you manage and analyze that imagery at scale. We’ve seen a growing number of cutting-edge precision agriculture companies around the world incorporate our high-frequency satellite imagery into their own products and platforms. We’re […]

Dattabot: Helping Indonesian Farms Secure Loans With Space Data


Farmers are often at the mercy of the elements. A wetter-than-usual growing season, for example, could provide a hospitable environment for crop diseases that significantly impact yields. Changes in crop conditions over time could signal near-term production booms or long-term problems. For Indonesian farmers, the uncertainty of weather patterns, soil conditions, and […]

Protecting Queensland’s Natural Resources with Satellite Imagery


Queensland is home to nearly 5 million citizens and some of the earth’s most delicate ecosystems. At 1.8 million square kilometers, the region contains rare earth resources, unique biodiversity and sensitive coastlines neighboring the Great Barrier Reef. Protecting this vast natural landscape is the challenge of Queensland’s Department of Natural Resources and […]

Automating Change Detection with Exogenesis


Planet’s bringing down terabytes of imagery every day. With an archive this large, spotting change needs to be fast and accurate. Conducting manual analysis can provide reliable results, but requires tedious and time-intensive image interpretation. To produce change insights at speed and scale, automation is needed. But what constitutes change? Any two […]