This PlanetScope image shows agricultural fields and selective logging along the Jauaperi River, near Rorainópolis in the Brazilian Amazon. © 2020, Planet Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Pachama and Planet Partner to Protect and Restore Forests Globally


Pachama, a Silicon Valley carbon credit marketplace, is announcing a partnership with Planet, the leading provider of global, near-daily satellite imagery data, to validate and monitor forest conservation and reforestation carbon projects around the world. The new partnership will result in the monitoring of forests across North and South America, and will scale to increase the transparency and accountability of carbon markets worldwide.

Pachama and Planet have a shared mission to protect and restore the world’s forests. Organizations wanting to offset their emissions can do so by purchasing carbon credits, which act as financial contributions to projects that help to reduce carbon in the atmosphere. Thanks to this partnership, organizations purchasing carbon credits from Pachama will have the confidence that the forest conservation and reforestation projects they are supporting are accountable and verified.

Pachama will use Planet’s daily global satellite imagery to monitor forest carbon projects using canopy-level detail at three- to five-meter resolution. Using machine learning techniques and light detection ranging (LiDAR), Pachama will make estimations about biomass and the amount of carbon captured by forests, as well as provide timely alerts of disturbances like fires, illegal harvesting and deforestation.

“The combination of remote sensing and analytics technologies are some of the best tools we have to help build a better, greener world,” says Tara O’Shea, director of forest programs at Planet. “We’re excited to work with an organization like Pachama that can help keep track of the vital services forests provide and offer reassurance about reforestation projects. We are excited to see how this partnership may lead to better outcomes for climate change mitigation, biodiversity conservation and wildfire preparation.”

Planet’s high-resolution, high-frequency satellite images are game-changing for forest monitoring of carbon projects worldwide,” says Diego Saez Gil, the founder of Pachama.  “As a result of this partnership, Pachama and Planet will increase the transparency and validity of global carbon markets, allowing companies to offset and remove their CO2 emissions with the reassurance that they are making a meaningful and measurable difference to forest protection and restoration.”

To view Pachama’s carbon credit marketplace or purchase verified carbon credits, visit here.