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AUTHOR PROFILE Steve Levay Senior Manager Product Marketing
Steve leads the product marketing team at Planet, which focuses on articulating the importance and utility of Planet data products and platform tools.

Planet and Farmers Edge Agree to New Contract to Power Sustainable and Profitable Farming


We’re thrilled to announce that Planet has signed a new, three-year, non-exclusive contract with Farmers Edge, a valued customer since 2017. Through this partnership, Farmers Edge will process Planet’s satellite data with its proprietary algorithms, integrate it into other field-centric datasets, then distribute to thousands of customers and partners in the agriculture industry who need accurate insights to make informed and profitable decisions.

Farmers Edge delivers advanced solutions powered by a unique combination of connected field sensors, big data analytics, satellite imagery, artificial intelligence, and agronomic expertise. Farmers Edge will leverage Planet’s high resolution satellite imagery to enhance its robust product suite, which serves as an essential tool that empowers farmers, ag professionals, insurance companies, and other stakeholders of the digital agricultural ecosystem across the globe to make data-driven, climate-smart decisions. 

Planet’s daily cadence and global coverage is critical to Farmers Edge in providing near-real time crop monitoring for growers. This consistent frequency of data powers direct scouting, which allows farmers and their trusted advisors to catch problems fast, react to crop stress in a timely manner, substantially reduce the number of trips to the field, and make the most out of crop inputs while reducing environmental impacts.

Together, Planet and Farmers Edge can drive towards a greener future by delivering the solutions needed for farmers and ag professionals to achieve more efficient input usage and to advance practices that can conserve soil health while producing higher yields. This work can foster regenerative agriculture practices at scale, and help users achieve ambitious sustainability goals. 

We look forward to continuing our work with Farmers Edge to deliver cutting-edge products that promote sustainable and efficient farming practices. 

If you’re interested in learning more about applications for Planet’s data in agriculture, visit our Agriculture page, or watch this webinar to learn about exciting new use cases for satellite data. If you are interested in Farmers Edge analytical solutions, visit their site.