March 24, 2016 Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

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Monitoring Programs for Agriculture

Planet’s high-frequency imaging satellites deliver a constant stream of current information to identify changes in crops and soil. This continuous flow of data is readily accessed from Planet’s cloud-based platform, enabling you to make smarter decisions, optimize inputs, increase profitability, and enhance sustainable farm practices.

Understand Fields

FarmersEdge uses Planet’s imagery to deliver in-season crop diagnostics, which due to Planet’s high cadence imaging can be updated frequently to enable growers to take immediate action in the field.

Understand Fields Like Never Before

Whether you operate regionally, nationally or globally, Planet has you covered. Planet provides cost-effective and information-rich agricultural data, so you can make better, more informed decisions at any scale - whether you are monitoring crops, tracking farm operations and activities, scouting crops or performing predictive analysis.

  • Access high-resolution, scalable coverage - from fields to countries
  • Create dynamic management zones, see infield variability, optimize input application
  • Seamlessly monitor crop growth and production

Act Early

Extracting information from the pixels. The vegetation index displayed on top of the image represents relative chlorophyll content, which correlates with vegetation vigor and productivity. Red tones represent low relative chlorophyll content; green tones represent high relative chlorophyll content.

Great field management decisions depend on timely and accurate information, to identify problems before they impact yield. That's why Planet delivers data in near real time with a best-in-class automated pipeline, online tools, and easy-to-use formats. Now you can spend less time waiting for decision-making inputs, and more time taking action.

  • Use Planet APIs to seamlessly integrate your applications and workflows with our data
  • View your areas of interest multiple times during the growing season
  • Instantly access archived imagery (since 2009), to analyze and predict trends

Precision Ag Ingenuity

Time series of an area in Jerome county (Idaho, USA) showing how fields change through the growing season.

Planet works with innovators across the agribusiness value chain to change the way that field monitoring is performed. Our imagery and services are being integrated into tools serving growers, crop advisors, agronomists, ag retailers, co-ops, and global commodities merchants. With our solution and your ideas, we can transform the way the precision ag industry makes decisions.

  • Explore, access and exploit our in-season and archive data quickly and easily in our cloud-based platform
  • Easily integrate our flexible tools into your workflows
  • Develop your own applications on top of our platform

Discover how these innovators advance precision farming with Planet:

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The MPA free trial enables you to:

  • Access 2015 RapidEye satellite imagery for agriculture regions in Canada, United States, Brazil, Argentina, United Kingdom, Russia, South Africa and Australia
  • Search and retrieve image data with either the Planet API or Scenes Explorer web application

What People Are Saying

"Building on top of Planet’s world-class imagery collection infrastructure enables us to offer unprecedented field-level intelligence that cannot be found elsewhere."

Jesse Vollmar

CEO and co-founder | FarmLogs

"The frequency and resolution of satellite imagery provided by Planet is enabling us to reach the ag producer with a revolutionary service for crop monitoring. We're leveraging this resource with multiple applications, such as support for pest and disease control, re-seeding decisions, or fertilization during the crop season, to name a few. Knowing what's going on in the field is key for efficient field visits, and making timely decisions to maximize yields. The interest that has been raised among producers is the best indicator of the huge value that this innovation is bringing."

Ed Di Pollina

Director, GeoAgro by TEK