A Planet Basemap of Parque Nacional Iguazú, along the border with Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil © 2018, Planet Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Tara O’Shea is the Director of Forest Programs at Planet.

Planet Hosts 150+ International Governors, State Secretaries, & Researchers at Climate.EO Event


Earth observation technologies continue to play a vital role in our understanding of global climate change. To advance these efforts and inspire deeper commitments to sustainability, Planet and Norway’s Ministry of Climate and Environment co-hosted Climate.EO, an affiliate event of the Global Climate Action Summit.

Held at Planet’s San Francisco headquarters, Climate.EO convened more than 150 international governors, state secretaries, NGOs, researchers, investors, and policymakers. The purpose of the event was to gather a diverse mix of constituents and foster dialogue on cutting-edge applications of Earth observation data in climate solutions globally.

At the event, Planet co-founders Will Marshall and Robbie Schingler reinforced Planet’s commitment to develop new solutions that fill critical climate data gaps and drive new solutions in key domains – from land and ocean monitoring to sustainable cities to climate finance. Norway’s Minister of Climate and Environment Ola Elvestuen spoke of how Planet’s imagery was fundamentally changing how we monitor activities such as illegal deforestation, and that governments can support adoption of improved Earth observation data to drive transparency and results in climate policies and finance.

Ola Elvestuen, Norway’s Minister of Climate and Environment, describing the power of Planet’s imagery to offer real-time feedback about the planet, particularly when it comes to understanding deforestation.

To see this in action, attendees were able to walk through an exhibition hall that featured demonstrations of Planet’s work with partners across the globe, including the World Bank, Paul G. Allen Philanthropies, Google, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Carnegie Institution for Science, and Mapbiomas. Although solving different problems in specific verticals and regions, the five projects were connected by the notion that with high-quality, frequent data about our planet, people can make more informed, proactive decisions.

Tasso Azevedo of Mapbiomas shows attendees forest cover and land use change in Brazil using Planet data.

Prior to Climate.EO, Planet hosted the grand opening of its new satellite manufacturing and testing factory in San Francisco, which is capable of simultaneously producing multiple spacecraft lines, from Doves to future constellations. Spacecraft designed and manufactured in this factory will play a growing role in bringing transparency and visibility to all global challenges – climate change key among them.