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Tara O'Shea

Tara O’Shea is the Director of Forest Programs at Planet.

Building a green supply chain for a sustainable future with the Supply Chain Data Partnership


Climate change and resource sustainability are increasingly financially material for a number of sectors and publicly-traded companies. Whether they are impacts from a changing climate (like increased wildfire or flood risks) on assets, or impacts to a changing climate (like water consumption or greenhouse gas emissions) that are increasingly scarce and/or regulated […]

NICFI Satellite Data Program Partners and Users Continue to Deliver Conservation & Climate Solutions and Impacts


Introduction It’s been an exciting few months for the NICFI Satellite Data Program, which provides comprehensive access to Planet’s high-resolution satellite monitoring to help reduce and reverse tropical forest loss. We are pleased that Norway’s International Climate & Forests Initiative has extended the program for a fourth year, until September 2024. Through […]

Data Program Continues to Use High-Resolution Satellite Imagery to Help Fight Deforestation and Combat Climate Change


The NICFI Satellite Data Program continues to serve a diverse community of users that are putting high-resolution satellite imagery to work in helping fight deforestation and combat climate change. This quarter, we conducted our third user survey of Level 1 users. We received over 400 responses from users, detailing their feedback, user […]

Planet’s High-Resolution Satellite Monitoring Helps NICFI General Partners Reduce and Reverse Tropical Forest Loss


Since October 2020, when Norway’s International Climate & Forests Initiative (NICFI) launched its Satellite Data Program with an international contract awarded to Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) with partners Planet and Airbus, the global community has had a tremendous resource available in the fight against tropical deforestation: High-resolution satellite monitoring.  The NICFI Satellite […]

NICFI Satellite Data Program Extended to Include Recipients of the GEO-Microsoft Planetary Computer Grants Program


In an effort to advance scientific research, development, and discovery from the NICFI Satellite Data Program, Planet has teamed up with Microsoft to make high-resolution, tropical forest Basemaps available to select researchers within the Planetary Computer platform. The Group on Earth Observations (GEO), in partnership with Microsoft, today announced a Request for […]

NICFI Tropical Forest Basemaps Now Available in Google Earth Engine


In an effort to enable greater impact from the NICFI Satellite Data Program, Planet has teamed up with Google to make high-resolution, tropical forest Basemaps available within the Earth Engine platform. This brings the power of Google’s cloud to the entire NICFI community to run analysis at regional and global levels to […]

NICFI Users Make Progress Towards Reducing and Reversing tropical forest loss


It’s been nearly nine months since Norway’s Ministry of Climate and Environment (NICFI) awarded an international contract to KSAT, Planet, and Airbus. Since the launch of the coalition, initiatives across the world have been leveraging Planet’s high-resolution satellite imagery of the tropics, free of charge, helping to save the world’s tropical forests […]

Decoupling Commodities Production from Deforestation


Decoupling deforestation from commodities production is critical to climate and sustainability solutions. Today, over two-thirds of tropical deforestation occurs due to the production of just four commodities: cattle, soy, palm oil, and pulp and timber. However, global supply chains are complex, and commercial-grade solutions to account for and manage deforestation risks remain […]

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