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AUTHOR PROFILE Jenna Mukuno Senior Director of Product and Industry Marketing
Jenna oversees the teams responsible for helping our customers understand how Planet can help solve their challenges with daily Earth data and insights.

Planet Customers Share How Our Satellite Data Enables Global Transparency and Sustainability at Explore 2021


During the second day of Explore 2021, our customers shared how they are enabling global transparency and supporting critical sustainability research. Our science track demonstrated the robust research applications for Planet’s datasets, highlighting key findings in climate change and carbon farming initiatives. We also heard from Norway’s International Forest and Climate Initiative (NICFI) about how Planet’s data is making real-world daily impacts to protect tropical forests and prevent deforestation.

Planet Co-founder and CSO Robbie Schingler hosted an insightful keynote showcasing the deep connections between space technology and societal well-being. He highlighted how Planet’s data can illuminate the complex geospatial connections that support global peace and prosperity.  

“What we have learned from history is that a clear and transparent view from space can create a more peaceful and secure Earth. When we all look up, we see the same sky. And when you look at the Earth from space, you don’t see borders, you see a global community and ecosystems connected by visual patterns and rapid change,” said Robbie Schingler. 

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We had more great speakers throughout the day:

    • Megha Rajagopalan and Alison Killing, joined us for a deep dive into their Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative series exploring a new infrastructure built by the Chinese government for the mass detention of Muslims. Since 2018, the reporters identified the locations of 47 existing detention centers, and 268 new prison camps built over the last three years. This work has brought critical transparency and attention to human rights abuses happening globally. 
    • Planet’s Tanya Harrison hosted a fireside chat with NASA Harvest’s Dr. Catherine Nakalembe to discuss how satellite data can provide critical insights for food production and management in Africa. Planet’s daily imaging data enables powerful agricultural insights through the integration of machine learning capabilities. These outputs can now support innovative and bespoke climate-resilient policy solutions for a variety of regions in Africa. 
    • Agnieszka Lukaszczyk, Planet’s Senior Director of European Affairs, held a panel on the role of Earth Observation in catalyzing the European sustainability transition. With Europe’s ambitious agenda to be carbon neutral by 2050, organizations are turning to space technology to accelerate biodiversity, agriculture, and carbon monitoring initiatives necessary for the European Green Deal. With enhanced monitoring capabilities from Planet’s data, they are able to standardize reporting metrics and verify sustainable practices. 
    • General John E. Hyten was joined by Robert Cardillo, Chairman & Chief Strategist of Planet Federal, for a fireside chat reflecting on his tenure as Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The two spoke about the interlinked nature of security and sustainability, how the world must build resilience against serious climate risks, and how the U.S. can operate in today’s complex global security environment. 

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Planet’s Chief Impact Officer Andrew Zolli wrapped-up the day with a rousing call to action for global humanitarian and sustainability efforts. With Planet’s data, companies and governments can better analyze their supply chains and support next-generation ESG indicators, helping investors better analyze climate and biodiversity risk and assess investment risk. We are thrilled that our technology can support resilient management practices for complex global human-environment systems. 

“The tools of remote sensing and AI, in particular, are going to be foundational to the sustainability transition. They make it possible for us to sense and make sense of the world around us as never before and enable real-time feedback loops that can show us how our actions impact the world – both positively and negatively. We’ve never faced bigger challenges, nor had better tools to address them,” said Andrew Zolli.

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