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What if Latin America Built a Shared Satellite Data Center?


Click here to read this post in Portuguese or Spanish. Thoughts on What’s Ahead for Earth Observation in Latin America A conversation with Ricardo Guerra  Sit down with Ricardo Guerra, Planet’s Regional Sales Director for Latin America, for five minutes and the concept of “collaboration” is bound to come up. Some days, […]

From ClimateWeek to COP27, COP15, and Beyond: Notes on the Road Ahead


Opinion World leaders, CEOs, climate advocates, scientists and sustainable development specialists from around the world converged on New York City last week, for the annual, concurrent rituals of the United Nations General Assembly and ClimateWeek. After a several years’-long lull, things were back with a bang – with more people, more meetings, […]

Planet’s High-Resolution Satellite Monitoring Helps NICFI General Partners Reduce and Reverse Tropical Forest Loss


Since October 2020, when Norway’s International Climate & Forests Initiative (NICFI) launched its Satellite Data Program with an international contract awarded to Kongsberg Satellite Services (KSAT) with partners Planet and Airbus, the global community has had a tremendous resource available in the fight against tropical deforestation: High-resolution satellite monitoring.  The NICFI Satellite […]

Detecting and Eradicating Invasive Grass Affecting Pasture and Ranch Land


Invasive plants such as cheatgrass, medusahead, and ventenata are wreaking havoc with ranchers, farmers, land managers, and transport companies around the world, and driving concern among environmental groups that fear the impacts on other plants and wildlife. Once invasive plants become established, they can dominate a landscape – creating monocultures and destroying […]

Using Planet Satellite Data to Monitor Threats to Wildlife and Ecosystems


In remote regions of the world or those where political conflicts reduce access to protected areas, researchers and conservationists need solutions for monitoring activity that threatens wildlife and ecosystems.  Frankfurt Zoological Society (FZS), an international conservation organization founded in 1858 focuses on maintaining biodiversity and conserving wildlife and ecosystems in protected areas […]

Here’s What Happened at COP26 and How Satellite Data Can Help


COP26 kicked off last week and already we’ve seen major pledges and initiatives announced that are designed to save our planet from the worst effects of the climate emergency. These critical plans for curbing emissions, ending deforestation, and protecting our oceans show promise, but in order to make meaningful progress there must […]