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Planet Hack 2020: Our Annual Hackathon Goes Virtual


At Planet, our mission is to make change visible, accessible and actionable. In 2017 we achieved that by building the world’s largest satellite constellation that images the entire Earth’s landmass every day.

Three years later, our platform continues to grow as we develop new ways for people to harness the power of our unprecedented dataset: tools like Planet Analytics leverage deep learning to make unique insights accessible to users around the world.

Hack teams working together at Planet Hack 2019

Hack teams working together at Planet Hack 2019. Credit: Sara Safavi

One of our most cherished traditions here at Planet is Hackweek. A few times every year, the entire company (not just our engineering teams) takes a week to work together and explore new, exciting, fun, possibly-impossible-but-let’s-find-out ideas. At the end of the week we gather together in rooms around the world for a demo watch party. This year we’re continuing that tradition with our first all-virtual public hackathon, and you’re invited. We’ll use a combination of video streaming and chat to gather together over a two-day period. If you attended last year, you’ll already be familiar with the Hack Demo Party that closes out the event: this year’s demo party will take place live on Zoom (pajamas are fine, but bring your own snacks).

Join us for two full days of hacking, data science and problem-solving. Work in teams or on your own to leverage Planet’s platform to observe and discover. Registered hackathon attendees will be automatically added to a Slack channel one week before the hackathon.  Brainstorming, discussion and team formation is encouraged to begin early.

Seats are limited and registration will close on October 4th, so don’t wait! Register and learn more here.