Planet image of Tylihul Estuary, Ukraine taken on July 12, 2016 © 2016, Planet Labs Inc. All Rights Reserved.
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Farming Smarter with Daily Data


Today, access to reliable data is essential to sustainable, efficient, and productive agriculture.   

Our newest eBook, Precision Ag Insights from Frequent Imaging (available in Spanish here) details how modern agriculture has been transformed by the onset of new data sources and the ways frequent global imaging is powering smarter farming practices from early-season operations to harvest.

The eBook covers:

  • Planning, Seeding, and Early-Season Operations
  • Health Monitoring and Crop Management
  • Harvesting and Yield Optimization

Planet’s monitoring provides farmers with broad-area coverage of global agricultural regions, high frequency revisit rates, an extensive archive dating back to 2009, and more.

Read the eBook to learn how farming operations are leveraging our satellite imagery to gain valuable insights at each stage of the farming cycle.


Precision Ag Insights from Frequent Imaging

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